Shampoo Pro Keratin Refill - 250 ml - L'oreal

Shampoo Pro Keratin Refill 250 ml

Action: Supplement - Regenerating 

Active: Intra-Cylane - Pro-Keratin


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Age Supreme Shampoo 250 ml - Age Supreme - L'Oreal

Protective Shampoo for damaged hair with keratin, weak or thin.
The range Pro-Keratin refill uses a double active principle:
The Pro-Keratin integrates the loss of substance of the hair regenerating and reinforcing
the structure.
It also creates a protective shield that surrounds the fiber protecting it from attacks
The Incell penetrates the fiber reinforcing and renewing the hair from the inside by increasing
coesine the cuticle and protecting the inner part of the fiber.

Action: Supplement - Regenerating

Active: Intra-Cylane - Pro-Keratin

Contains: 250 ml


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